*it should say OUTLAWH’s, I’m lazy to change it.


-Okay, so mostly I’m uploading this because of my PSDs, because I think people wanted that the most. And textures. But tbh I mostly don’t make them, so I put a word document with a few download links of some textures I like to use.

-If you find some of your textures/psds, and if you want the credit, just let me know and I’ll change the word document and upload it again. I don’t want anyone not to get the likes, but I didn’t have the post links saved, only download, so, guys, I’m so very sorry.

-And I’m also sorry for keeping you waiting. I had problems uploading. Ily all.

-Please at least like this post if downloading. The pack has a few of my psds and textures, and a word document with stuff I didn’t make myself. 

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